Dear Parents,​
Here at EFCI Children Ministry we are committed to work along with parents and teachers to teach your children about God and the Bible. ​It is our mission to help them discover their talents and to encourage them to serve and respond to their calling. We hope that every encounter is a delightful and meaningful experience for you and your family. We aim to provide a safe and caring environment for your children to fellowship with others and to learn about our awesome God. As parents, God has called us to play a very important part in the development of our children, and we look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey. Welcome to God’s family!

在愛恩兒童事工我們致力於與家長和老師一起合作來教導您的孩子們有關於上帝和聖經。 我們期許能幫助他們發掘才能恩賜,並鼓勵他們學習服事和回應神在他們身上的呼召。我們希望在這裏的每一次相聚能帶給您和您的家庭有一個愉快且有意義的經驗。 我們的目標是讓您的孩子們在一個安全和充滿關愛的環境中來彼此交誼並認識我們這位很棒的神!作為父母,神已呼召我們在孩子們的每個成長階段扮演非常重要的角色,我們期待著在這個令人興奮的旅程中與您同工。