Updated: June 8, 2023, by Pastor KC Liu

Welcome to the EFC Irvine English Ministry! 
We are the English speaking congregation of our Taiwanese immigrant church. We welcome all who speak English to join us to seek God together. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, you are welcome to worship with us!  

We have three core values as an English Ministry. 
1) PRAYER-DRIVEN: Our desire is to seek the Lord in all we do in prayer. We can do nothing, and will accomplish nothing if we do not pray consistently. Prayer is the path to spiritual intimacy and breakthrough. We desire to be like Mary, not like Martha. 

2) WORD-BASED: The Bible is the ultimate authority in the life of a believer. The Word of God has the final say in all matters of life. We spend much time diving into the Word of God in our fellowship and on Sunday sermons. Bring your Bible, notebook, and pen and get ready to take notes!  

3) SPIRIT-LED: We talk to God through our prayers, and God talks to us through his Word. The question is, are we listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit when we pray and read scripture? We believe the Holy Spirit wants to be actively involved in our daily lives. Let’s create space to be led by the Holy Spirit. 


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