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What denomination does EFCI belong to?EFC Irvine is part of Evangelical Formosan Church (EFC), which initially targets the caring of North American immigrants from Taiwan, however as time changes, EFCI also intentionally develops ministry of all Chinese, Asians, and even cross-culture. Faith wise, we are a non-denominational Evangelical church that accepts the work of the Holy Spirit. For our statement of faith, please visit EFC General Assembly website: Website (click on the English language in the top right corner)
What are the worship services your church provide on Sunday?EFCI has 5 worship services on Sunday (5 different congregations): Taiwanese (T), Mandarin Chinese (M), English (E), 1.5 Generation (1.5G), and Children worship service. T & E – 9:45~11am; M & 1.5G-11:15am~12:30pm
Do you provide Adult Sunday School Classes (Christian Education)?Yes, the Sunday school classes for Mandarin & 1.5G congregation: 9:45-10:45am; for Taiwanese & English congregation: 11:30am-12:30pm.
Do you provide Children Sunday School Classes?•For Elementary School Children: Small Group & Crafts @ Children Chapel 9:45-10:45a.m.; Children Worship Service @ Children Chapel 10:45-11:30; Then Sunday school afterwards 11:30-12:30 @ different classrooms based on the grades.
•Early Childhood (Preschool & Kindergarten: 3~5 yrs old): @ Room 109. 9:45am~12:30pm is Early Childhood Sunday School.
•Infant & Toddler (1 month~3 yrs old) @ Nursery Room. Baby sitter provided.
•You may send your children to the respective room, please remember to pick up any children under five before 12:35pm.
If I am a first-timer, what should I expect?1. Our welcome team will ask you to fill an information card so you can be connected to our church family in the future.
2. We have a gift for you after the service. Other information such as Parking Info, List of Small Groups & Fellowship of EFCI, etc., are also available on the welcome table. If you are interested to check out a small group or fellowship, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
3. You are invited to stay for free lunch after the service at the Main Building Social Hall, if you have any question or prayer request, you are more than welcome to let us know.
4. Please see Parking Info for where to park. You are responsible for your own valuable items (whether in the car or in the church building), if you have any special request, please contact the ushers of the congregation you are attending.
5. Please turn off or silent your cell phone, refrain yourself from loud conversation, video games, or wondering around in the chapel during worship service. No smoking on church’s premises.
May I pass out business card, flyers, or post advertisement at church?1. Church is a place to worship God, please do not engage in any commercial or business activity.
2. If you want to post or place any flyer, advertisement, or announcement, please contact church Administrative Office. Please do not post any or place anything without permission from EFCI.
Do I have to give offerings/money?• If you are not a baptized Christian, or do not understand the meaning of offering, please do not feel obligated to give.
• If you want to give, please make check payable to EFCI. We will provide tax-deductible receipts by January of next year.
Does your church observe the Holy Communion?Holy Communion is served on the First Sunday of each month for baptized Christians – in remembrance of what Jesus Christ has done for us and also for self-examination.
What if I want to get baptized?•EFCI usually conducts our baptism ceremony twice a year: Easter and Thanksgiving. For those who wish to get baptized, please fill the baptism application form. Sprinkling is the default baptismal method at EFCI. If you desire a different date or wishes to receive immersion baptism, please make your request known when applying.
•The Meaning of baptism – becoming the Lord’s disciple, through baptism, we are buried with him in death, and with him we receive a new life!
•The Recipient of baptism - for individuals 12 years or older who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, for those who are willing to confess their faith publicly, and those who have completed the EFCI Basic Christianity Course. (Note: Though one automatically receives EFCI membership through baptism, but one needs to be 18 years or older to have the right to vote at church)
What if I want my child to be baptized?•Child Dedication is also conducted each year on Easter and Thanksgiving Sundays (application needed).
•Meaning: Child dedication is NOT infant baptism, it is to encourage parents to raise their children in the way of Christ.
•Recipient: for children under 12 of a Christian family.
What if I want to get married at your church?Please contact the church secretary for rental details. If you wish to have an EFCI Pastor to officiate the wedding, please contact the Pastoral Office. The Pastor will setup a time to understand your faith, family background, and relationship status, then will provide premarital counseling service prior to the wedding. However, EFCI reserves the right to refuse facility rental to anyone and all EFCI Pastors reserve the right to refuse being the wedding officiant.
What do I need to do to join EFCI membership?Of course all are welcome to join our small group, fellowship, activities, and Sunday services, but if you want to officially receive EFCI membership:

•Qualification: Any baptized Christians who agree with our statement of Faith and structure, may apply to join EFCI membership.

•Procedure: Fill an application form -> attend the 1 hour Membership Class -> approved by the Elder board / Pastoral office -> give membership certificate.

•Active Member: Attend Sunday service more than half in the past 3 months, have membership more than 3 months, and are 18 years old. Active members are required to attend congregational meetings and qualified for voting.
If you want to know more about our church history, Pastors & staff, sermons, weekly bulletins, mission, and other info, please visit our church website:EFCI Website

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