<< 9:30 AM 主日線上直播 / Sunday Service Live >>

華語 / Mandarin

英文 / English

<< 11:15 AM 主日線上直播 / Sunday Service Live >>

台語 / Taiwanese

1.5代 / 1.5 Generation

手機參加線上主日講道,請用相機掃描QR Code或點選QR Code連接至 Youtube 觀看。
To watch Sunday sermons on your phone, please scan the QR code with your phone camera or click on the QR code on your computer to watch it on Youtube.

特別聲明 : 影片放置於YouTube上,YouTube所提供之廣告或是他人的留言資訊、連結和愛恩無關,
Note: Any ads, comments or link that appear on Youtube are not related to and do not represent the EFCI church.