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11/12/2017台語 | EnglishRoger Huang耶穌教導我們如何禱告 (English/台)DownloadYouTube
11/12/2017華語 | 1.5GRoger Huang耶穌教導我們如何禱告 (English)DownloadYouTube
11/05/2017Taiwanese | 台語楊舒凱歡喜事奉 (華語)DownloadYouTube
11/05/2017Mandarin | 華語楊舒凱歡喜事奉DownloadYouTube
11/05/2017English|英文Peter GueiOut of ControlDownload
11/05/20171.5G | 1.5代Chloe SunSola Scriptura
10/29/2017Taiwanese | 台語楊舒凱歡喜事奉 (華語)DownloadYouTube
10/29/2017Mandarin | 華語楊舒凱歡喜事奉DownloadYouTube
10/29/2017English|英文Peter GueiOut of ControlDownload
10/29/20171.5G | 1.5代Chloe SunSola Scriptura
10/22/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫為父之道DownloadYouTube
10/22/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫為父之道DownloadYouTube
10/22/2017English|英文K. C. Liu
Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?
10/22/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat is Halloween? Can
Christians Participate in
Halloween Events?
10/15/2017Taiwanese | 台語林淑美你就是那人DownloadYouTube
10/15/2017Mandarin | 華語林淑美你就是那人DownloadYouTube
10/15/2017English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Have Friends When You
Need Them the Most
10/15/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenOwning up to your own mistake
10/08/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫你就是那人DownloadYouTube
10/08/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫你就是那人DownloadYouTube
10/08/2017English|英文K. C. LWhen Fathers Do Nothing
10/08/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat's God Doing in Iraq?
10/01/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫善惡之道DownloadYouTube
10/01/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫善惡之道DownloadYouTube
10/01/2017English|英文K. C. LOwning Your Own MistakesDownload
10/01/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen我是 ____,我要看見 ____ (I am ______,I want to see _____)
09/24/2017Taiwanese | 台語郭建廷這就是永生 (華語)DownloadYouTube
09/24/2017Mandarin | 華語郭建廷這就是永生DownloadYouTube
09/24/2017English|英文Dwayne NordstromMaximum Living Means
Going Down Before Going Up
09/24/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenMission sharing Sunday
09/17/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫/宣道隊員傳揚祂作為DownloadYouTube
09/17/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫/宣道隊員傳揚祂作為DownloadYouTube
09/17/2017English|英文K. C. LiuDavid and BathshebaDownloadYouTube
09/17/20171.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangKnowing God's Plan
09/10/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫/宣道隊員唯一的中保/宣教見證主日DownloadYouTube
09/10/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫/宣道隊員唯一的中保/宣教見證主日DownloadYouTube
09/10/2017English|英文Herald LebigaExtending Love and Righteousness / Mission TestimoniesDownloadYouTube
09/10/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenOne Leads to Another
09/03/2017Taiwanese | 台語林淑美蒙恩與施恩DownloadYouTube
09/03/2017Mandarin | 華語林淑美蒙恩與施恩DownloadYouTube
09/03/2017English|英文K. C. LiuWhen God Says NoDownload
09/03/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenHow to Pray the Tabernacle Prayer
08/27/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫真實的禱告YouTube
08/27/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫真實的禱告YouTube
08/27/2017English|英文K. C. LiuChoose Today: Joy or Judgement?Download
08/27/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenMoving Forward into a New Era
08/20/2017Taiwanese | 台語劉玉蘭耶和華是我的牧者DownloadYouTube
08/20/2017Mandarin | 華語劉玉蘭耶和華是我的牧者DownloadYouTube
08/20/2017English|英文K. C. LiuGod’s Way vs. Man’s WayDownloadYouTube
08/20/20171.5G | 1.5代David DoongMissional Disciples
08/13/2017Taiwanese | 台語林國亮同感一靈.同被建造.同歸於一DownloadYouTube
08/13/2017Mandarin | 華語林國亮同感一靈.同被建造.同歸於一DownloadYouTube
08/13/2017English|英文Kitty YangRejoice when Ministry is HardDownload
08/13/20171.5G | 1.5代Gina ChenTo Build or Not to Build
08/06/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫聖潔敬拜DownloadYouTube
08/06/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫聖潔敬拜DownloadYouTube
08/06/2017English|英文K. C. LiuTen Benefits of Short Term Mission TripsDownload
08/06/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenYou Give Them Something to Eat
07/30/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫勝利之路DownloadYouTube
07/30/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫勝利之路DownloadYouTube
07/30/2017English|英文K. C. LiuDavid’s Road Map to KingshipDownloadYouTube
07/30/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen"Multi-Personality" of Our God 我們的神「多重人格」?Download
07/23/2017Taiwanese | 台語陳炳中基督徒為什麼不算命?DownloadYouTube
07/23/2017Mandarin | 華語陳炳中基督徒為什麼不算命?DownloadYouTube
07/23/2017English|英文K. C. LiuHow To Extend Your Prayer Life with the Tabernacle Prayer (Part 2)DownloadYouTube
07/23/20171.5G | 1.5代Andy ChenHeart of a LeaderDownload
07/16/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫人生客旅DownloadYouTube
07/16/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 人生客旅YouTube
07/16/2017English|英文Benjamin ChenIn a Time of ConfusionDownloadYouTube
07/16/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhen Opportunity
Knocks... 當機會來敲門...
07/09/2017Taiwanese | 台語林淑美求助之歌DownloadYouTube
07/09/2017Mandarin | 華語林淑美 求助之歌DownloadYouTube
07/09/2017English|英文K. C. LiuHow To Extend Your Prayer Life with the Tabernacle PrayerDownloadYouTube
07/09/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenIn a Time of ConfusionDownload
07/02/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 秉公行義DownloadYouTube
07/02/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 秉公行義DownloadYouTube
07/02/2017English|英文K. C. LiuNew Hope Begins with RememberingDownloadYouTube
07/02/20171.5G | 1.5代Angel ChuangThe Song of Crying Out for HelpDownload
06/25/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 默然依靠DownloadYouTube
06/25/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 默然依靠DownloadYouTube
06/25/2017English|英文K. C. LiuWho is Great in the Kingdom of God?
06/25/20171.5G | 1.5代Joe HsuA Eulogy for Abner
06/18/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 為父之心YouTube
06/18/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 為父之心YouTube
06/18/2017English|英文K. C. LiuWar Between the House of David and SaulDownload
06/18/20171.5G | 1.5代Joe Hsu舞台 The StageDownload
06/11/2017Taiwanese | 台語林淑美 化敵為友DownloadYouTube
06/11/2017Mandarin | 華語林淑美 化敵為友DownloadYouTube
06/11/2017English|英文K. C. LiuWait For God’s TimingDownloadYouTube
06/11/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenEvangelism to Our Family &
06/04/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 明白神旨DownloadYouTube
06/04/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 明白神旨DownloadYouTube
06/04/2017English|英文Jonny PocorobaThe Power of Intercessory PrayerDownloadYouTube
06/04/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenChristians & FortuneTelling
05/28/2017Taiwanese | 台語K.C. Liu 劉冠志 (tr. K. Yang) 當所愛的人離開時 (English/台)DownloadYouTube
05/28/2017Mandarin | 華語K.C. Liu 劉冠志 (tr. K. Yang) 當所愛的人離開時 (English/台)DownloadYouTube
05/28/2017English|英文Jerry HsuResting on God's FaithfulnessDownloadYouTube
05/28/20171.5G | 1.5代Alex GuoNow This is Eternal LifeDownload
05/21/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 最後之戰DownloadYouTube
05/21/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 最後之戰DownloadYouTube
05/21/2017English|英文K.C. LiuHow to Find Strength in the
05/21/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenHow to Deal with Difficult
Times in Life 面對逆境之道
05/14/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 母親的禱告DownloadYouTube
05/14/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 母親的禱告DownloadYouTube
05/14/2017English|英文K.C. LiuDaring to Grow a Deep SoulDownloadYouTube
05/14/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenA Letter to your Mom
05/07/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 堅心倚靠DownloadYouTube
05/07/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 堅心倚靠DownloadYouTube
05/07/2017English|英文K.C. LiuWhen Smart People Do Dumb
05/07/20171.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangThe Avengers - The Untold
04/30/2017Taiwanese | 台語許承仁 最佳配角DownloadYouTube
04/30/2017Mandarin | 華語許承仁 最佳配角DownloadYouTube
04/30/2017English|英文Allen Hu (tr. K.C. Liu)Overcome Evil with GoodDownloadYouTube
04/30/20171.5G | 1.5代Allen HuOvercome evil with good
04/23/2017Taiwanese | 台語賴俊明 面對現實、興旺福音DownloadYouTube
04/23/2017Mandarin | 華語賴俊明 面對現實、興旺福音DownloadYouTube
04/23/2017English|英文Glenn BoneChange for ChangeDownloadYouTube
04/23/20171.5G | 1.5代Ekron ChenTo Build a Godly GenerationDownload
04/16/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 我已經看見主!DownloadYouTube
04/16/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 我已經看見主!DownloadYouTube
04/16/2017English|英文K. C. LiuEaster Means It’s a New Day of MercyDownloadYouTube
04/16/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenVia Dolorosa : The Way to
Life & Hope
04/09/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 安然信靠的禱告DownloadYouTube
04/09/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 安然信靠的禱告DownloadYouTube
04/09/2017English|英文K. C. LiuThe God that I NeedDownloadYouTube
04/09/20171.5G | 1.5代Alex GuoFrom Sadness to PraiseDownload
04/02/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 和平使者的智慧DownloadYouTube
04/02/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 和平使者的智慧YouTube
04/02/2017English|英文K. C. LiuLearn How to be a PeacemakerDownload
04/02/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenTo Do or Not To DoDownload
03/26/2017Taiwanese | 台語蔡登燦 大衛的信仰生涯DownloadYouTube
03/26/2017Mandarin | 華語劉玉蘭 耶和華,我的力量啊!我愛你!Download
03/26/2017English|英文David YuDream Big For GodDownload
03/26/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenIn the Wilderness
03/19/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 以德報怨DownloadYouTube
03/19/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 以德報怨DownloadYouTube
03/19/2017English|英文Peter GueiWhat is Better than Revenge?Download
03/19/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWholeheartedly, I am doing what?
03/12/2017"Arise and Build

2017 Mission Conference
胡忠倫 等/tr. K.C. Liu Session 2- 巨變的世代:危險變機會
A Time of Great Change: From Risk to Opportunity
Pastor. Sammy et al.
/tr. B. Chen
Session 3- Mission in Mexico
03/10/2017胡忠倫 等/tr. B. ChenSession 1- 從心動到行動
From Inspiration to Action
03/05/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 曠野之路DownloadYouTube
03/05/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 曠野之路Download
03/05/2017English|英文K. C. LiuBeauty in the WildernessDownload
03/05/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen面對生命低潮 When You
Are in a Low Valley in Life
02/26/2017Taiwanese | 台語周淑慧 阿爸父DownloadYouTube
02/26/2017Mandarin | 華語周淑慧 阿爸父DownloadYouTube
02/26/2017English|英文Tommy LienSimple Obedience will Change Your LifeDownload
02/26/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenFacing Your Giant in Life!
02/19/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 面對生命低潮DownloadYouTube
02/19/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 面對生命低潮DownloadYouTube
02/19/2017English|英文K. C. LiuEven in my Darkest Hour,
I will Trust you Lord
02/19/20171.5G | 1.5代Sharon Hou好土計畫 The SOIL Project
02/12/2017Taiwanese | 台語林淑美 珍貴的友誼DownloadYouTube
02/12/2017Mandarin | 華語林淑美 珍貴的友誼Download
02/12/2017English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Overcome EnvyDownload
02/12/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenOvercoming Challenges in Life
02/05/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 得勝之道DownloadYouTube
02/05/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 得勝之道DownloadYouTube
02/05/2017English|英文Art LumThe Power of Persistent PrayerDownload
02/05/20171.5G | 1.5代Anthony SuThe Lord Wants to Use You
01/29/2017Taiwanese | 台語林淑美 面對未知DownloadYouTube
01/29/2017Mandarin | 華語林淑美 面對未知DownloadYouTube
01/29/2017English|英文K. C. LiuWho Will Fight for Me?Download
01/29/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat Do You Do?
01/22/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫耶和華是看內心DownloadYouTube
01/22/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫耶和華是看內心DownloadYouTube
01/22/2017English|英文K. C. LiuThree Ways To Defeat DistressDownloadYouTube
01/22/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenFacing Your FearDownload
01/15/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫耶和華是看內心DownloadYouTube
01/15/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫耶和華是看內心DownloadYouTube
01/15/2017English|英文Brian BrenntCulture of FaithDownloadYouTube
01/15/20171.5G | 1.5代Amy WangBrave LoveDownload
01/08/2017Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫主工人的資格DownloadYouTube
01/08/2017Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫主工人的資格DownloadYouTube
01/08/2017English|英文K. C. LiuWhat Does God Look for in a Leader?Download
01/08/20171.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenLet Us Wash Other's Feet
01/01/2017Taiwanese | 台語陳名瀛得為業之地DownloadYouTube
01/01/2017Mandarin | 華語陳名瀛得為業之地Download
01/01/2017English|英文(Winter Retreat)
01/01/20171.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangThe First of the First
12/25/2016台語/English (Joint)胡忠倫 /tr. K.C. Liu成為祝福者/Become a BlessingDownloadYouTube
12/25/2016華語/1.5 G (Joint)胡忠倫 /tr. B. Chen成為祝福者/Become a BlessingDownload
12/25/2016Special Christmas Music ProgramEFCI Joint Choir1. A Christmas Laudamus,
2. Born, He Is Born,
3. Hope Is Born
4. Behold the King of Glory
(with Lyrics)
12/18/2016Taiwanese | 台語林淑美有能的教會DownloadYouTube
12/18/2016Mandarin | 華語林淑美有能的教會DownloadYouTube
12/18/2016English|英文K. C. LiuThe Greatest Gift You’ll Ever GetDownloadYouTube
12/18/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenOur Mission, Should We Choose to Accept ItDownload
12/11/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫信徒長進之道DownloadYouTube
12/11/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫信徒長進之道DownloadYouTube
12/11/2016English|英文Don LeeLife InterruptedDownload
12/11/20161.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangWhy Christmas?
12/04/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫信徒長進之道DownloadYouTube
12/04/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫信徒長進之道DownloadYouTube
12/04/2016English|英文K. C. LiuPhoebe: Why Deacons Are AwesomeDownloadYouTube
12/04/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat Can be a Stumbling Block?
11/27/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫福音要傳遍天下DownloadYouTube
11/27/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫福音要傳遍天下Download
11/27/2016English|英文K. C. LiuWhy Baptism?Download
11/27/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenGive Thanks in all Circumstances 苦水中的感恩
11/20/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫感恩的心DownloadYouTube
11/20/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫感恩的心Download
11/20/2016English|英文K. C. LiuPreach the Gospel where Christ was not KnownDownload
11/20/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenBitter & Sweet in the Wilderness 曠野中的苦與甜
11/13/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫效法基督DownloadYouTube
11/13/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫效法基督DownloadYouTube
11/13/2016English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Have an Effective MinistryDownload
11/13/20161.5G | 1.5代Daisy Tsai 蔡玉玲Isaac and His Wells: Following God’s Directions
11/06/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫基督裡的合一DownloadYouTube
11/06/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫基督裡的合一DownloadYouTube
11/06/2016English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Build Each Other UpDownloadYouTube
11/06/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenHow to Share the Good News (Part 2)
10/30/2016Taiwanese | 台語林信良榮光、差遣、祝福DownloadYouTube
10/30/2016Mandarin | 華語林信良榮光、差遣、祝福DownloadYouTube
10/30/2016English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Get Along with Others that Disagree with YouDownloadYouTube
10/30/20161.5G | 1.5代Chloe SunHagar through God's Eyes
10/23/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫生命更新之道DownloadYouTube
10/23/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫生命更新之道Download
10/23/2016English|英文Amy WangLove Each Other Download
10/23/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenHow to Share the Good News (Part 1)
10/16/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫基督徒與政治Download
10/16/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫基督徒與政治DownloadYouTube
10/16/2016English|英文AaronPropelled by LoveDownload
10/16/20161.5G | 1.5代K. C. LiuProblem with Your Authorities?
10/09/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫與主同心DownloadYouTube
10/09/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫與主同心DownloadYouTube
10/09/2016English|英文K. C. LiuProblem With Your Authority?Download
10/09/20161.5G | 1.5代Andy FangPractical FaithDownload
10/02/2016Taiwanese | 台語林淑美伸冤在神DownloadYouTube
10/02/2016Mandarin | 華語林淑美伸冤在神DownloadYouTube
10/02/2016English|英文K. C. LiuWhat God Says about RevengeDownload
10/02/20161.5G | 1.5代Andy FangOvercome Evil with GoodDownload
09/25/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫互為肢體的團隊事奉DownloadYouTube
09/25/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫互為肢體的團隊事奉DownloadYouTube
09/25/2016English|英文Peter GueiWhen We Face HardshipDownload
09/25/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenNew Season, New Perspective
09/18/2016Taiwanese | 台語林淑美彼此同心DownloadYouTube
09/18/2016Mandarin | 華語林淑美彼此同心Download
09/18/2016English|英文K. C. LiuRejoicing and Weeping TogetherDownload
09/18/20161.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangNew Season, New Perspective
09/11/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫/宣教團隊佳美腳蹤DownloadYouTube
09/11/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫/宣教團隊佳美腳蹤DownloadYouTube
09/11/2016English|英文K.C.Liu/Mission TeamsMission Testimony SundayDownload
09/11/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen/Mission Teams宣教見證主日
Mission Testimony Sunday
09/04/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫熱心事主的秘訣DownloadYouTube
09/04/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫熱心事主的秘訣DownloadYouTube
09/04/2016English|英文K. C. LiuWhy Should Christians Pursue Hospitality?Download
09/04/20161.5G | 1.5代K. C. LiuWhy Should Christians Pursue Hospitality?
08/28/2016Taiwanese | 台語林淑美 肢體相顧DownloadYouTube
08/28/2016Mandarin | 華語林淑美 肢體相顧DownloadYouTube
08/28/2016English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Have the Right Attitude when Serving GodDownload
08/28/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenHow does religion trap us? 宗教的不自由
08/21/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 明白神旨意之道DownloadYouTube
08/21/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 明白神旨意之道Download
08/21/2016English|英文K. C. LiuChange your Life by Changing
your Mind
08/21/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenRelaxation Sunday 放輕鬆主日
08/14/2016Taiwanese | 台語洪士洲 一個期盼應許的人(N.A.)(N.A.)
08/14/2016Mandarin | 華語洪士洲 一個期盼應許的人(N.A.)(N.A.)
08/14/2016English|英文Angel ChuangThe Best ExampleDownload
08/14/20161.5G | 1.5代Angel ChuangThe Best Example
08/07/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 獻上活祭Download
08/07/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 獻上活祭DownloadYouTube
08/07/2016English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Keep from Stressing Out (Part 2)Download
08/07/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenTransformed
07/31/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 上帝的終極奧秘Download
07/31/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 上帝的終極奧秘DownloadYouTube
07/31/2016English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Keep from Stressing Out (Part 1)Download
07/31/20161.5G | 1.5代Gina ChenWho Are We?
07/24/2016Taiwanese | 台語周淑慧 服事主的遠景DownloadYouTube
07/24/2016Mandarin | 華語周淑慧 服事主的遠景DownloadYouTube
07/24/2016English|英文Allen HuA Mysterious God 上帝的終極奧秘 (華 / Eng.)DownloadYouTube
07/24/20161.5G | 1.5代Allen HuMysterious God
07/17/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫 餘民與恩典Download
07/17/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫 餘民與恩典DownloadYouTube
07/17/2016English|英文K. C. LiuGod Does Not ForgetDownload
07/17/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenGod Does Not Forget
07/10/2016Taiwanese | 台語林淑美佳美腳蹤DownloadYouTube
07/10/2016Mandarin | 華語林淑美佳美腳蹤DownloadYouTube
07/10/2016English|英文Herald LebigaBeautiful Feet
07/10/20161.5G | 1.5代Andy ChenObedience
07/03/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫傳福音的責任DownloadYouTube
07/03/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫傳福音的責任DownloadYouTube
07/03/2016English|英文K. C. LiuHe has Mercy on Whom He WillsYouTube
07/03/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Meaning of Independence Day
06/26/2016Taiwanese | 台語劉冠志 K. C. Liu神要憐憫誰就憐憫誰 He Has Mercy on Whom He Wills (English/台)DownloadYouTube
06/26/2016Mandarin | 華語劉冠志 K. C. Liu神要憐憫誰就憐憫誰 He Has Mercy on Whom He Wills (English/華)DownloadYouTube
06/26/2016English|英文Jerry HsuThe King’s Reward
06/26/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenAccepting One Another
06/19/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫父愛不缺席DownloadYouTube
06/19/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫父愛不缺席Download
06/19/2016English|英文Tim WuO My Son Absolom, My Son, My Son DownloadYouTube
06/19/20161.5G | 1.5代Mac MaiProdigal FatherDownload
06/12/2016Taiwanese | 台語林淑美愛的利勝DownloadYouTube
06/12/2016Mandarin | 華語林淑美愛的利勝DownloadYouTube
06/12/2016English|英文K. C. LiuLove Wins YouTube
06/12/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenLove Wins 愛贏了
06/05/2016Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫苦難的操練DownloadYouTube
06/05/2016Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫苦難的操練DownloadYouTube
06/05/2016English|英文K. C. LiuThe Value of Suffering
06/05/20161.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Ongoing Battle