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06/28/2020Mandarin | 華語林淑美真理與謊言YouTube
06/28/2020English | 英文Sam BoyceUnshakable KingdomYouTube
06/21/2020Mandarin | 華語林國亮塑造神國使命僕人YouTube
06/21/2020English | 英文K. C. LiuPrayer and Fasting (Part 2)YouTube
06/14/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫感恩與見證YouTube
06/14/2020English | 英文K. C. LiuPrayer and Fasting (Part 1)YouTube
06/07/2020Mandarin | 華語陳炳中面對今天的社會公義YouTube
06/07/2020English | 英文Benjamin ChenFacing Current Issues of Social InjusticeYouTube
06/07/20201.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenFacing Current Issues of Social InjusticeYouTube
05/31/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫歡喜迎復興-五旬節(聖靈降臨) 疫情的省思YouTube
05/31/2020English | 英文K. C. LiuPrayer and Holy SpiritYouTube
05/24/2020Mandarin | 華語陳炳中那些年你我不懂的事YouTube
05/24/2020English | 英文Benjamin ChenNo need to wait any longerYouTube
05/17/2020Mandarin | 華語林淑美生命的糧食YouTube
05/17/2020English | 英文Sam BoyceSpiritual WarfareYouTube
05/10/2020Mandarin | 華語時真尊主為大YouTube
05/10/2020English | 英文Kitty YangMet by LoveYouTube
05/03/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫紀念主恩,進入復興YouTube
05/03/2020English | 英文K. C. LiuThe Abundant Generosity of GODYouTube
04/26/2020Mandarin | 華語陳炳中我有水和食物YouTube
04/26/2020English | 英文Sam BoyceFreedom Through ForgivenessYouTube
04/19/2020Mandarin | 華語林淑美不用等了YouTube
04/19/2020English | 英文Benjamin ChenI Have Water & foodYouTube
04/12/2020Mandarin | 華語2020 全球台福基督教會復活節線上聯合主日崇拜/
"生命分享 歡慶禧年"(劉港木)
04/12/2020English | 英文EFC Easter English Joint Worship Service/
"Because He Lives" (K. C. Liu)
04/10/2020Good Friday 受難日 ServiceSeven EFCI Pastors 愛恩教會七位牧者The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus 十架七言YouTube
04/05/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫歡欣信靠YouTube
04/05/2020English | 英文K. C. Liu#Racism is a VirusYouTube
03/29/2020Mandarin | 華語彭宜珍站穩腳步YouTube
03/29/2020English | 英文Kitty YangThe 2020 Vision: Focus on His Work of RedemptionYouTube
03/22/2020Mandarin | 華語陳炳中我們如何回應 COVID-19 疫情?YouTube
03/22/2020English | 英文K. C. LiuThough I Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of DeathYouTube
03/13&15/2020English | 華語Mike2020 Mission Conference
03/08/2020Taiwanese | 台語林淑美你喝的是什麼水?YouTube
03/08/2020Mandarin | 華語林淑美你喝的是什麼水?YouTube
03/08/2020English|英文K. C. LiuWhat Kind of Water Are You Drinking?YouTube
03/08/20201.5G | 1.5代Dennis ChouBe the Light!Download
03/01/2020Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫重生的生命YouTube
03/01/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫重生的生命YouTube
03/01/2020English|英文Jerry HsuCultivating the Ripe Fruit of JoyYouTube
03/01/20201.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen耶穌生氣了!Jesus Got Mad!Download
02/23/2020Taiwanese | 台語陳名瀛神愛世人YouTube
02/23/2020Mandarin | 華語陳名瀛神愛世人YouTube
02/23/2020English|英文David Yu
02/23/20201.5G | 1.5代Henry FanYou are the Son of GodDownload
02/16/2020Taiwanese | 台語范漢威你是神的兒子 (華語)YouTube
02/16/2020Mandarin | 華語范漢威你是神的兒子YouTube
02/16/2020English|英文K. C. LiuHow Can a Man Be Born AgainYouTube
02/16/20201.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangHe is GodDownload
02/09/2020Taiwanese | 台語林淑美你心裏的聖殿YouTube
02/09/2020Mandarin | 華語林淑美你心裏的聖殿YouTube
02/09/2020English|英文Sam BoyceAn Abundant FamilyYouTube
02/09/20201.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen你們來看! Come & See!Download
02/02/2020Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫水變酒的人生YouTube
02/02/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫水變酒的人生YouTube
02/02/2020English|英文Dan BenderHe Who Loves You
02/02/20201.5G | 1.5代Dan BenderThose Who Love YouDownload
01/26/2020Taiwanese | 台語許承仁你們來看!同住、同行、同工YouTube
01/26/2020Mandarin | 華語許承仁你們來看!同住、同行、同工YouTube
01/26/2020English|英文K. C. LiuCome and See!YouTube
01/26/20201.5G | 1.5代Dlan YounesSpecial Performance
& Sharing from Syria
01/19/2020Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫我是誰?YouTube
01/19/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫我是誰?YouTube
01/19/2020English|英文K. C. LiuJesus Baptizes with the Holy SpiritYouTube
01/19/20201.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen有恩典有真理 100%
Grace & 100% Truth
01/12/2020Taiwanese | 台語林淑美道成肉身YouTube
01/12/2020Mandarin | 華語林淑美道成肉身YouTube
01/12/2020English|英文Sam BoyceIntroduction to John:
Incarnational Ministry
01/12/20201.5G | 1.5代Alex GuoThe Tenacity of LoveDownload
01/05/2020Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫光明與黑暗YouTube
01/05/2020Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫光明與黑暗YouTube
01/05/2020English|英文K. C. LiuIntroduction to John:
Light and Darkness
01/05/20201.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenLight of the World
12/29/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美新天新地YouTube
12/29/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美新天新地YouTube
12/29/2019English|英文(Winter Retreat)
12/29/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenNew Heaven and Earth
12/24/2019聯合 Joint胡忠倫, 劉冠志聖誕燭光禮拜 Christmas Eve Candle Light Servides (華/English)YouTube
12/22/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫萬民同樂YouTube
12/22/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫萬民同樂YouTube
12/22/2019English|英文Sam BoyceWe Have Nothing but Your Presence
12/22/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenChristmas GiftsDownload
12/15/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫興起發光YouTube
12/15/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫興起發光YouTube
12/15/2019English|英文K. C. LiuRise and Shine
12/15/20191.5G | 1.5代Henry FanHope and Comfort
12/08/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美萬民禱告的殿YouTube
12/08/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美萬民禱告的殿YouTube
12/08/2019English|英文Sam BoyceSeek the Lord While He May Be Found
12/08/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenGood News of ChristmasDownload
12/01/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫普世佳音YouTube
12/01/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫普世佳音YouTube
12/01/2019English|英文K. C. LiuBecause of the CrossYouTube
12/01/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenFrom This RSVPDownload
11/24/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫感恩頌讚YouTube
11/24/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫感恩頌讚YouTube
11/24/2019English|英文K. C. LiuNo Weapons Formed Against You Shall Prosper
11/24/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenTenderness of the FatherDownload
11/17/2019Taiwanese | 台語陳威任四輪傳動YouTube
11/17/2019Mandarin | 華語陳威任四輪傳動 (華)YouTube
11/17/2019English|英文Sam BoyceLamb to the Slaughter
11/17/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenOur SuperiorityDownload
11/10/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美義僕之歌YouTube
11/10/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美義僕之歌YouTube
11/10/2019English|英文Benjamin ChenWorld Religion: Buddhist and Chinese Folk Religion Pastor B
11/10/20191.5G | 1.5代Peter HongAll of UsDownload
11/03/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫佳美腳蹤DownloadYouTube
11/03/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫佳美腳蹤DownloadYouTube
11/03/2019English|英文Sam BoyceHow Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Carry Good News
11/03/20191.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangTHE UNUSUAL ENCOUNTERDownload
10/27/2019Taiwanese | 台語時 真人生單行道DownloadYouTube
10/27/2019Mandarin | 華語時 真人生單行道 (華)DownloadYouTube
10/27/2019English|英文Andy ChenIn the World or Out of the World
10/27/20191.5G | 1.5代Allen Hu外邦之光 Light of
the Nations
10/20/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫列國之光YouTube
10/20/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫列國之光YouTube
10/20/2019English|英文K. C. LiuGod's Dream Team (DISC) part2
10/20/20191.5G | 1.5代Tuvya ZaretskyChrist in the Feast of Tabernacle/住棚節中的基督Download
10/13/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美沒有別神DownloadYouTube
10/13/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美沒有別神DownloadYouTube
10/13/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThe First and the Last
10/13/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWorld Religion #3:
Buddhism & Chinese Folk Religion 佛教與民間信仰
10/06/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫救贖真神YouTube
10/06/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫救贖真神YouTube
10/06/2019English|英文K. C. LiuKing Cyrus – The Anointed
10/06/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhen God DelaysDownload
09/29/2019Taiwanese | 台語盲人喜樂合唱團微光遇見愛 (音樂見證)
09/29/2019Mandarin | 華語盲人喜樂合唱團微光遇見愛 (音樂見證)DownloadYouTube
09/29/2019English|英文Andy ChenThe Wrestle
09/29/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen供應者 The ProviderDownload
09/22/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫曠野新路
09/22/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫曠野新路YouTube
09/22/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThe Way of the Wilderness
09/22/20191.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangWhy do we pray?Download
09/15/2019Taiwanese | 台語Sammy 牧師列邦之光
09/15/2019Mandarin | 華語Sammy 牧師列邦之光YouTube
09/15/2019English|英文Mission Sharing Sunday
09/15/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen/Pastor SammyMission Testimony SundayDownload
09/08/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美萬民的中保
09/08/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美萬民的中保DownloadYouTube
09/08/2019English|英文David YuMade for Freedom
09/08/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenSing a New SongDownload
09/01/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫以色列的聖者
09/01/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫以色列的聖者DownloadYouTube
09/01/2019English|英文K. C. Liu“Don’t Be Afraid, I Am Here with You
09/01/20191.5G | 1.5代K. C. Liu“Don’t Be Afraid, I Am Here with You."
08/25/2019Taiwanese | 台語孟蘇倫神榮耀的選召 (華)
08/25/2019Mandarin | 華語孟蘇倫神榮耀的選召DownloadYouTube
08/25/2019English|英文Sam BoyceGod of Power and Comfort
08/25/20191.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangStill Faithful?Download
08/18/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫居安思危
08/18/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫居安思危DownloadYouTube
08/18/2019English|英文K. C. LiuKing Hezekiah - Facing Pain and Failure
08/18/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenRefuel 重新得力Download
08/11/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫靈魂之歌
08/11/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫靈魂之歌YouTube
08/11/2019English|英文K. C. LiuCommunity is Worth Fight for: Jesus' 7steps to Resolving ConflictYouTube
08/11/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenGod can add.....Download
08/04/2019Taiwanese | 台語劉玉蘭牧師愛慕神
08/04/2019Mandarin | 華語劉玉蘭牧師愛慕神DownloadYouTube
08/04/2019English|英文Benjamin ChenWorld Religions Series:What do Muslims believe
08/04/20191.5G | 1.5代K. C. LiuJesus' Seven Steps to Conflict ResolutionDownload
07/28/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美牧師疾風烈火DownloadYouTube
07/28/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美牧師疾風烈火DownloadYouTube
07/28/2019English|英文K. C. LiuCultivating Wholeness
07/28/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Good & The BadDownload
07/21/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫復興之道DownloadYouTube
07/21/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫復興之道
07/21/2019English|英文K. C. LiuGlory for Whom
07/21/20191.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangWhose Dream?Download
07/14/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫榮美君王DownloadYouTube
07/14/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫榮美君王
07/14/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThe King in His Beauty
07/14/20191.5G | 1.5代Gina ChenWe Will see!Download
07/07/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫公義之君DownloadYouTube
07/07/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫公義之君
07/07/2019English|英文K. C. LiuSeek First the King and His Righteousness
07/07/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhere Does Our Help Come From?Download
06/30/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫埋了很久的梗 (華)DownloadYouTube
06/30/2019Mandarin | 華語陳炳中埋了很久的梗DownloadYouTube
06/30/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThe Way of Salvation
06/30/20191.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangThe Path to RedemptionDownload
06/23/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫得救之道DownloadYouTube
06/23/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫得救之道DownloadYouTube
06/23/2019English|英文Jerry HsuThe Treacherous Path to Greatness
06/23/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenOne DayDownload
06/16/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫老鷹之歌DownloadYouTube
06/16/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫老鷹之歌DownloadYouTube
06/16/2019English|英文K. C. LiuSuper-Dad!
Father’s Day Message
06/16/20191.5G | 1.5代Joe HsuTargetDownload
06/09/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美救恩之城DownloadYouTube
06/09/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美救恩之城DownloadYouTube
06/09/2019English|英文K. C. LiuI Am Not Angry!
06/09/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenPentecost 五旬節: The Day of the Holy SpiritDownload
06/02/2019Taiwanese | 台語蔡玉玲神看為好的事實與真實/真理DownloadYouTube
06/02/2019Mandarin | 華語蔡玉玲神看為好的事實與真實/真理DownloadYouTube
06/02/2019English|英文K. C. Liu
Tale of Two Cities
06/02/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe New CityDownload
05/26/2019Taiwanese | 台語蕭東山音樂與生命YouTube
05/26/2019Mandarin | 華語蕭東山音樂與生命YouTube
05/26/2019English|英文Andy ChenThe EndgameYouTube
05/26/20191.5G | 1.5代Andy ChenThe EndgameDownload
05/19/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫末日戰爭的盼望DownloadYouTube
05/19/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫末日戰爭的盼望DownloadYouTube
05/19/2019English|英文Roger WangCity Impact Mission Sharing YouTube
05/19/20191.5G | 1.5代Willy TanThe Least of TheseDownload
05/12/2019Taiwanese | 台語許震毅萬王之王DownloadYouTube
05/12/2019Mandarin | 華語許震毅萬王之王DownloadYouTube
05/12/2019English|英文Amy WangMother's Day MessageYouTube
05/12/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenGod-like MomsDownload
05/05/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美萬王之王DownloadYouTube
05/05/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美萬王之王YouTube
05/05/2019English|英文K. C. LiuHow Christianity Spread Throughout History
05/05/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen埋了很久的梗Download
04/28/2019Taiwanese | 台語范漢威神是愛,祂把自己給了我們 (華)DownloadYouTube
04/28/2019Mandarin | 華語范漢威現代愛情與基督救贖DownloadYouTube
04/28/2019English|英文Kitty YangUnoffendable Heart
04/28/20191.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangUnoffendable HeartDownload
04/21/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫救恩頌歌DownloadYouTube
04/21/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫救恩頌歌DownloadYouTube
04/21/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThe Suffering Servant
(Easter Series Part 3)
04/21/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenLet’s Reset Our MemoryDownload
04/19/2019Joint(Various)Good Friday Evening ServiceYouTube
04/14/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美耶西之根DownloadYouTube
04/14/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美耶西之根DownloadYouTube
04/14/2019English|英文K. C. LiuYou Are What You Believe:
Why the Apostles’ Creed Matters (Easter Series Part 2)
04/14/20191.5G | 1.5代Cathy ChangJesus Could Use the
04/07/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫大能的手DownloadYouTube
04/07/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫大能的手DownloadYouTube
04/07/2019English|英文K. C. LiuBaptism of Water, Fire and Holy Spirit (Easter Series Part 1)Download
04/07/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThis Is the Best He Can Do?Download
03/31/2019Taiwanese | 台語劉玉蘭敬畏神DownloadYouTube
03/31/2019Mandarin | 華語劉玉蘭敬畏神DownloadYouTube
03/31/2019English|英文Dan BenderBuilding Bridges
03/31/20191.5G | 1.5代Jan LeeReady-Set-Go 準備就緒Download
03/24/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫和平之君DownloadYouTube
03/24/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫和平之君DownloadYouTube
03/24/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThe Prince of Peace
03/24/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Prophecy that Came TrueDownload
03/17/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美亂世盼望DownloadYouTube
03/17/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美亂世盼望DownloadYouTube
03/17/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThere is Hope in Chaos
03/17/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThere Is Hope in Crisis & ChaosDownload
2019 Mission Conference/2019 宣教年會(03/08-03/10):


"Share the Never Changing Gospel in an Ever Changing Postmodernity"
信息 Message 5 (03/10)蔡茂堂最大的誡命 Greatest Commission (華/English)YouTube
信息 Message 4 (03/10)耶穌的比喻 Jesus' Parable (華/English)YouTube
信息 Message 3 (03/09)後現代宣道 Postmodern Mission (華) YouTube
信息 Message 2 (03/09)後現代浪潮 Postmodern Waves (華)YouTube
信息 Message 1 (03/08)保羅的異象 Paul's Vision (華/English)YouTube
03/03/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫危機中的盼望DownloadYouTube
03/03/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫危機中的盼望DownloadYouTube
03/03/20191.5G | 1.5代Ekron ChenNothing More Certain
02/24/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫請差遣我YouTube
02/24/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫請差遣我YouTube
02/24/2019English|英文David PatAdopted into the Kingdom of GodYouTube
02/24/20191.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangThe Call to HolinessDownload
02/17/2019Taiwanese | 台語陳名瀛在世界或不在世界DownloadYouTube
02/17/2019Mandarin | 華語陳名瀛在世界或不在世界DownloadYouTube
02/17/2019English|英文K. C. LiuHere Am I: Send Me
02/17/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen葡萄園情歌 The Love Song of the VineyardDownload
02/10/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美葡萄園風雲DownloadYouTube
02/10/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美葡萄園風雲DownloadYouTube
02/10/2019English|英文K. C. LiuThe Vineyard of GodDownload
02/10/20191.5G | 1.5代David Yu壓力測試 Pressure TestDownload
02/03/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫終極救恩DownloadYouTube
02/03/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫終極救恩DownloadYouTube
02/03/2019English|英文K. C. LiuDownload
02/03/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhy We Worship?Download
01/27/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫回轉向神DownloadYouTube
01/27/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫回轉向神DownloadYouTube
01/27/2019English|英文Dwayne NordstromDownloadYouTube
01/27/20191.5G | 1.5代Guest SpeakerThe Wisdom of GodDownload
01/20/2019Taiwanese | 台語許承仁你來了、真好!DownloadYouTube
01/20/2019Mandarin | 華語許承仁你來了、真好!DownloadYouTube
01/20/2019English|英文K. C. LiuTurn Back to GodDownloadYouTube
01/20/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenHope for the FutureDownload
01/13/2019Taiwanese | 台語林淑美救恩之書DownloadYouTube
01/13/2019Mandarin | 華語林淑美救恩之書DownloadYouTube
01/13/2019English|英文K. C. LiuIntroduction to IsaiahDownloadYouTube
01/13/20191.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenA Book of Reversal 反轉之書Download
01/06/2019Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫合一服侍的秘訣DownloadYouTube
01/06/2019Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫合一服侍的秘訣DownloadYouTube
01/06/2019English|英文Judith HuangMISSION SHARING
01/06/20191.5G | 1.5代K. C. LiuIntro to IsaiahDownload
12/30/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫豐盛榮耀DownloadYouTube
12/30/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫豐盛榮耀DownloadYouTube
12/30/2018English|英文K. C. Liu(Winter Retreat)
12/30/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat Are You Searching for?Download
12/23/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美為神發光DownloadYouTube
12/23/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美為神發光DownloadYouTube
12/23/2018English|英文K. C. LiuWhat Shall I Bring for My King?Download
12/23/20181.5G | 1.5代K. C. LiuWhat Shall I Bring for My King?Download
12/16/2018Taiwanese | 台語莊澤豐竭誠隨主,探出牆外YouTube
12/16/2018Mandarin | 華語莊澤豐竭誠隨主,探出牆外YouTube
12/16/2018English|英文Andy ChenJars of ClayYouTube
12/16/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangRejoicing in
Difficult Times
12/09/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美靠主喜樂YouTube
12/09/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美靠主喜樂DownloadYouTube
12/09/2018English|英文K. C. LiuDo Not be Afraid this ChristmasDownload
12/09/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenAlways Rejoice!Download
12/02/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫得生命冠冕之道DownloadYouTube
12/02/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫得生命冠冕之道DownloadYouTube
12/02/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Cost of Following Christ / Nepal Mission SharingDownload
12/02/20181.5G | 1.5代Sandra Chang關鍵性的選擇
Key Decisions
11/25/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫榮耀盼望DownloadYouTube
11/25/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫榮耀盼望DownloadYouTube
11/25/2018English|英文K. C. Liu40 Days of Prayer Series:
When God Says ‘NO’
11/25/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangARE YOU SETTLING?Download
11/18/2018台語 & English陳炳中十分之一 (華/English)DownloadYouTube
11/18/2018華語 & 1.5 G陳炳中十分之一 (華/English)DownloadYouTube
11/11/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫樂在其中之道DownloadYouTube
11/11/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫樂在其中之道DownloadYouTube
11/11/2018English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Pray for Healing and Restoration
11/11/20181.5G | 1.5代Will ChenBlessed Beyond Measure 祝福滿滿Download
11/04/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫肢體同工之愛DownloadYouTube
11/04/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫肢體同工之愛DownloadYouTube
11/04/2018English|英文Benjamin ChenWhat’s Luck Got to Do with it?
11/04/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat’s Luck Got to Do with it?Download
10/28/2018Taiwanese | 台語孫大程愛上帝、忠心與得勝!(華)YouTube
10/28/2018Mandarin | 華語孫大程愛上帝、忠心與得勝!(華)YouTube
10/28/2018English|英文Chloe SunA Journey of Spiritual Transformation
10/28/20181.5G | 1.5代Chloe SuChloe Sun (謝挺)n (謝挺)A Journey of Spiritual Transformation
10/21/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫效法基督之道DownloadYouTube
10/21/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫效法基督之道DownloadYouTube
10/21/2018English|英文K. C. Liu40 Days of Prayer – How to Pray Throughout Your DayDownload
10/21/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat's Luck Got to
Do with It?
10/14/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美自我超越DownloadYouTube
10/14/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美自我超越DownloadYouTube
10/14/2018English|英文K. C. Liu40 Days of Prayer Praying in Five DimensionsDownload
10/14/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangUnity in DiversityDownload
10/07/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫福音之戰DownloadYouTube
10/07/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫福音之戰DownloadYouTube
10/07/2018English|英文John Chiangmission SharingDownload
10/07/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin Chen看開了!Download
09/30/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫喜樂之書YouTube
09/30/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫喜樂之書DownloadYouTube
09/30/2018English|英文K. C. Liu40 Days of Prayer:
“Who Do You Think You are Talking To?”
09/30/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat's the difference
between Catholics &
Protestant? 基督教与
09/23/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫/宣教見證我在這裡!請差遣我!DownloadYouTube
09/23/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫/宣教見證我在這裡!請差遣我!DownloadYouTube
09/23/2018English|英文K. C. Liu40 Days of Prayer - A Beginners' Guide to PrayerDownload
09/23/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhy Short-Term Mission? + Mission SharingDownload
30 週年聯合禮拜
30th Anniversary Joint Worship Services
Message 1
(Felix Liu)
Peace Be with You (Translator: K. C. Liu)
Message 2
(Felix Liu)
Where There Is Love, There Is Sheep (Translator: B. Chen)
09/09/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美同心同行DownloadYouTube
09/09/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美同心同行DownloadYouTube
09/09/2018English|英文Allen HuThe Whole Armor of GodDownload
09/09/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenIt Began with 2
Women… 從兩個女人開始...
EFCI 30th Anniversary Retreat
8/31 - 信息 1 (Message 1)林祥源 (Albert Lam)突破生命成長的桎梏 The Key to Spiritual BreakthroughDownloadYouTube
9/01 - 信息 2 (Message 2)林祥源 (Albert Lam)慎防屬靈的枯乾 Prevent Spritual DrynessDownloadYouTube
9/01 - 信息 3 (Message 3)林祥源 (Albert Lam)成為火熱實在的教會 A Church on FireDownloadYouTube
9/02 - 主日證道(Sunday Worship Message)胡忠倫 (Allen Hu)放下重擔,活出豐盛 Let Go, Let GodDownloadYouTube
9/02 - 信息 4 (Message 4)林祥源 (Albert Lam)整裝待發,得勝一切 Be Equipped for VictoryDownloadYouTube
9/03 - 信息 5 (Message 5)林祥源 (Albert Lam)立足本位、更新突破、邁向萬民 Stand Firm, Be Renewed, Go to the Nations DownloadYouTube
9/03 - 閉幕式 Closing Ceremony兒童 All ChildrenMusic PresentationYouTube
胡忠倫 (Allen Hu)閉幕致詞 Closing RemarksYouTube
09/02/2018Joint Service侯香璿/Benjamin ChenPoint of No Return (華/ EnglishYouTube
08/26/2018Taiwanese | 台語吳家棟你看見這女人麼?DownloadYouTube
08/26/2018Mandarin | 華語吳家棟你看見這女人麼?DownloadYouTube
08/26/2018English|英文K. C. LiuGod Rewards Bosses and Employees Who are Under God’s AuthorityDownloadYouTube
08/26/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangThe Most Powerful WeaponDownload
08/19/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫全副軍裝DownloadYouTube
08/19/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫全副軍裝DownloadYouTube
08/19/2018English|英文Joon LeeTHE FATHER’S HEARTDownloadYouTube
08/19/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenHow to avoid your children's teenage rebellion? 如何避免青春叛逆期?Download
08/12/2018Taiwanese | 台語曾文章沒有人指教我,怎能明白呢?DownloadYouTube
08/12/2018Mandarin | 華語曾文章沒有人指教我,怎能明白呢?DownloadYouTube
08/12/2018English|英文K. C. LiuGOD REWARDS THOSE UNDER AUTHORITYDownloadYouTube
08/12/20181.5G | 1.5代Sharon HouA到Y的距離
The Distance between A to Y
08/05/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美服事挑戰DownloadYouTube
08/05/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美服事挑戰DownloadYouTube
08/05/2018English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Have a Better MarriageDownloadYouTube
08/05/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenReaching Families and RelationshipsDownload
07/29/2018Taiwanese | 台語楊舒凱世人的歪理,神的真理 (華語)DownloadYouTube
07/29/2018Mandarin | 華語楊舒凱世人的歪理,神的真理DownloadYouTube
07/29/2018English|英文Ken KongReaching Families and RelationshipsDownload
07/29/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenLet's Work on Our Marriage!Download
07/22/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫夫妻之道DownloadYouTube
07/22/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫夫妻之道YouTube
07/22/2018English|英文K. C. LiuHusbands and WivesDownload
07/22/20181.5G | 1.5代K. C. LiuMission Sharing SundayDownload
07/15/2018Taiwanese | 台語蘇文隆我要堅信到永遠DownloadYouTube
07/15/2018Mandarin | 華語蘇文隆我要堅信到永遠DownloadYouTube
07/15/2018English|英文Kitty YangSeek Jesus for Help
07/15/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat We SayDownload
07/08/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美光明子女DownloadYouTube
07/08/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美光明子女DownloadYouTube
07/08/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Power of ForgivenessDownload
07/08/20181.5G | 1.5代Joe Hsu獨特的我&合一的教會 Unique Me + Unified ChurchDownload
07/01/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫新人五不三要DownloadYouTube
07/01/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫新人五不三要DownloadYouTube
07/01/2018English|英文K. C. LiuEvery Believer Is A MinisterDownloadYouTube
07/01/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Corrupted SelfDownload
06/24/2018Taiwanese | 台語陳炳中耶和華必有供應 (華)DownloadYouTube
06/24/2018Mandarin | 華語陳炳中耶和華必有供應DownloadYouTube
06/24/2018English|英文K. C. LiuLearn How to Pray like PaulDownloadYouTube
06/24/20181.5G | 1.5代Andy ChenTreasure in the JarDownload
06/17/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫教養子女之道DownloadYouTube
06/17/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫教養子女之道DownloadYouTube
06/17/2018English|英文K. C. LiuYou Are HeardDownloadYouTube
06/17/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Five Fold MinistryDownload
06/10/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美長大成熟DownloadYouTube
06/10/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美長大成熟DownloadYouTube
06/10/2018English|英文Jimmy SimpsonDon’t Follow Your HeartDownloadYouTube
06/10/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenUnity in DiversityDownload
06/03/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫成全聖徒,各盡其職DownloadYouTube
06/03/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫成全聖徒,各盡其職DownloadYouTube
06/03/2018English|英文K. C. LiuWhat are the Mysteries of God?DownloadYouTube
06/03/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenDo we have freedom? Can Christians Drink & Smoke?基督徒可以喝酒吸菸嗎?Download
05/27/2018Taiwanese | 台語林信昌成為活石DownloadYouTube
05/27/2018Mandarin | 華語林信昌成為活石DownloadYouTube
05/27/2018English|英文K. C. LiuBreak Down the FencesDownloadYouTube
05/27/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangThe Tip to Kingdom SuccessDownload
05/20/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫同心合一DownloadYouTube
05/20/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫同心合一DownloadYouTube
05/20/2018English|英文Dwayne NordstromAlive In ChristDownloadYouTube
05/20/20181.5G | 1.5代Angel Chuang
Do we have freedom? Can
Christians Drink & Smoke?
05/13/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美神所喜悅的人Download
05/13/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美神所喜悅的人YouTube
05/13/2018English|英文Allen HuThe Resources We Have in ChristYouTube
05/13/20181.5G | 1.5代Allen Hu
Walk In Love As Christ
05/06/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫榮耀的代求DownloadYouTube
05/06/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫榮耀的代求DownloadYouTube
05/06/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Resources We Have in ChristDownload
05/06/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenDoes the Muslim believe in
the same God as we do?
04/29/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫教會的終極使命DownloadYouTube
04/29/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫教會的終極使命YouTube
04/29/2018English|英文Kitty YangWhy We Should Give ThanksDownload
04/29/20181.5G | 1.5代Gina ChenIndescribable GodDownload
04/22/2018Taiwanese | 台語陳名瀛瓦器裡的寶貝Download
04/22/2018Mandarin | 華語陳名瀛瓦器裡的寶貝DownloadYouTube
04/22/2018English|英文K. C. LiuSix Ways that God Blesses the Church
04/22/20181.5G | 1.5代Daisy TsaiThe Pursuit of God's WillDownload
04/15/2018Taiwanese | 台語賴俊明活出關懷的人生DownloadYouTube
04/15/2018Mandarin | 華語賴俊明活出關懷的人生DownloadYouTube
04/15/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Church is The Hope of the World!DownloadYouTube
04/15/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenGod ProvidesDownload
04/08/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美榮耀聖徒DownloadYouTube
04/08/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美榮耀聖徒DownloadYouTube
04/08/2018English|英文Frank MacchiaThe Baptism of the Holy SpiritDownloadYouTube
04/08/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangLove RedefiinedDownload
04/01/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫同死同活YouTube
04/01/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫同死同活DownloadYouTube
04/01/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Hope of the ResurrectionDownloadYouTube
04/01/20181.5G | 1.5代Alex GuoThe Resurrection: True or False?Download
03/30/2018Good Friday ServiceEFCI耶穌受難日禮拜DownloadYouTube

3/23 - Session 1 John LoPartner with Me 與神同工DownloadYouTube
3/24 - Workshop 2Church Planting Strategy
3/25 - Session 2Build My Church 建造教會DownloadYouTube
3/25 - Session 3Behold, I'm Doing a New Thing 看哪,我在做新事DownloadYouTube
03/18/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫聖潔器皿DownloadYouTube
03/18/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫聖潔器皿DownloadYouTube
03/18/2018English|英文K. C. Liu7 Life Lessons We Must
Learn from Billy Graham
03/18/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Work of ReconciliationDownload
03/11/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美奇妙改變DownloadYouTube
03/11/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美奇妙改變DownloadYouTube
03/11/2018English|英文David Pat“A Man Named Legion”
(Finding our New Name in Christ)
03/11/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Ways of the WorldDownload
03/04/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫死去活來DownloadYouTube
03/04/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫死去活來DownloadYouTube
03/04/2018English|英文K. C. LiuGod’s Promise to the GenerousDownloadNA
03/04/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenThe Year of the Dog 狗年旺旺Download
02/25/2018Taiwanese | 台語孟蘇倫抉擇的時刻 (華語)DownloadYouTube
02/25/2018Mandarin | 華語孟蘇倫抉擇的時刻DownloadYouTube
02/25/2018English|英文Peter GueiHow To Keep from Stressing OutDownloadNA
02/25/20181.5G | 1.5代Cathy Chang三個兒子 The 3 SonsDownload
02/18/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫恩召指望DownloadYouTube
02/18/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫恩召指望DownloadYouTube
02/18/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Joy of Having MentorsDownloadYouTube
02/18/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangThe Subtle EnemyDownload
02/11/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美真知道祂DownloadYouTube
02/11/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美真知道祂DownloadYouTube
02/11/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Joy of Knowing Christ and the Dangers of LegalismDownloadYouTube
02/11/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenKnowledge is PowerDownload
02/04/2018Taiwanese | 台語許承仁聖靈恩福DownloadYouTube
02/04/2018Mandarin | 華語許承仁聖靈恩福DownloadYouTube
02/04/2018English|英文K. C. LiuHappiness Can Be LearnedDownloadYouTube
02/04/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenBreakthrough in Knowing God (Part 1)Download
01/28/2018Taiwanese | 台語許承仁分擔苦難、分享榮耀DownloadYouTube
01/28/2018Mandarin | 華語許承仁分擔苦難、分享榮耀DownloadYouTube
01/28/2018English|英文K. C. LiuHow to Keep Your Heart HappyDownloadYouTube
01/28/20181.5G | 1.5代Doade ChenThe Amazing God 不可思議的神
01/21/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫榮耀恩典DownloadYouTube
01/21/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫榮耀恩典DownloadYouTube
01/21/2018English|英文K. C. LiuThe Humble Path to HappinessDownloadYouTube
01/21/20181.5G | 1.5代Kitty YangChristian and then?Download
01/14/2018Taiwanese | 台語林淑美奇妙揀選DownloadYouTube
01/14/2018Mandarin | 華語林淑美奇妙揀選DownloadYouTube
01/14/2018English|英文K. C. LiuHow to be Happy No Matter WhatDownloadYouTube
01/14/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenWhat should be our view on Life & Abortion? 生命與墮胎Download
01/07/2018Taiwanese | 台語胡忠倫聖徒三要DownloadYouTube
01/07/2018Mandarin | 華語胡忠倫聖徒三要DownloadYouTube
01/07/2018English|英文K. C. LiuGrow Healthy RelationshipsDownloadYouTube
01/07/20181.5G | 1.5代Benjamin ChenA New PerspectiveDownload